Hi, I'm Rishabh

I'm a Strategic Branding Expert & coach, a certified Digital Strategist from the University of Cambridge and an author of 4 books, obsessed about making a difference in people's lives,
a father to lovely daughter and a loving son to an amazing mother.

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By Rishabh Marathe

Have you ever felt that you can create a massive impact on your personal and professional life, but don't know how to go about it?

Have you felt that you could achieve a lot if you had the right skillsets to position yourself as an authority?

Brandify You is an attempt to provide that direction to everyone who aspires to launch himself and carve an identity in this cluttered world



I’m a digital marketer, Peak Performance and Digital Business Coach and a lifelong learner.

I have 2 goals in life.

1. Personal Branding Coaching:

My first passion is helping soul-driven, multi-passionate individuals and experts (coaches, trainers and speakers) teachers and, content creators bring their life’s work online so they can reach more people around the globe becoming strong Personal Brands– while creating more space and freedom in their own lives.

2. Mindset coaching

I'm a certified peak performance and NLP certified coach. I have a lot of signature programs to help you achieve peak potential and become the best version of yourself. 

Work with me if you have a passion to grow your business or your life.

Are you ready to transform?

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