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Creating your personal identity with Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most underutilized online platforms for lead generation.

Most of the people getting into personal branding are still unaware of the business driving potentials of these two online giants. It is better for all such businesses to learn and leverage the social marketing concepts using these trendy online advertising mediums.

Better the understanding, much better will be the marketing strategies and accordingly exceptional organic traffic can get noticed for driving sales and increasing the business.

Proven techniques to leverage Instagram and Snapchat for building up the brand within the shortest span of time:

The potential of Instagram and Snapchat like online tools is exceptional for building up the personal brand. Moreover, these online business tools even scales up the business to the next level with the following sets of best and authentic strategies:-

Engagement with the industry/niche: Loyal community of followers is required to be associated with the brand for growing up the business followers. Like, comment and share like strategies can effectively opt-in association with the fact. Engagement with the similar category of brands can help see the loyal followers increase daily.

Being consistent in posting: It is better to remain updated with the latest postings to engage and increase the loyal brand visitors. Four to five times weekly update of the posts concerning the brand is always suggested to remain active.

Posting call to action like contents: Wordings like ‘Share if you agree’, ‘Tag a friend to inspire’ are result oriented and capable of driving organic traffic and driving sales.

Hosting up the giveaways and regular contests: Giveaways and contests have been noticed to gain an increased number of brand visitors to drive sales shortly. Brand presence and quality leads are noticed with such activities on an Instagram like tool.

Uploading highly professional and nicely looking photographs: Genuine buyer’s attention can be gained using the quality rich images with reference to the product. Compromising with the quality will result negatively concerning customer’s engagement and maximizing the sales for increased revenues.

Effective utilization Hashtags: Hashtags are one of the best ways for driving the buyer’s attention and increasing sales in association with online tools like Instagram and Snapchat. Photos, videos and posts must be initiated via these online platforms with suitable hashtags. More effective the hashtags be, more will be the loyal customer’s engagement. Accordingly, the strategy will result in increasing brand and revenue.

Keeping up the short caption: It is not the best strategy to let the user’s know the entire details about the product merely looking at the caption. The caption must be written short with the strategies to attract more number of visitors to read the entire post.

To sum up, all the above-mentioned strategies must be adopted by personal brands to advertise the product successfully. People must have an awareness to leverage these powerful online tools and maximize sales with increased revenues in the shortest possible time.

Its time to take action now!

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