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Why SEO is critical for every website

Have you heard about the importance of SEO on the Internet? Most likely, Yes, although you may not understand the true meaning of this discipline.

In the same way, I am more than convinced that you are a very habitual user of Google (most likely, thanks to him you have come this far).

This and other search engines are the places to which both of you and many other users, turn to find sites that respond to your information or consumption needs.

What the search engines do, in general, is to index the content of different URLs in their databases, and then list in their results that information in order of relevance (in relation to the intention of our search).

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization or web positioning) comes into play, to turn search engines into our allies in the battle to boost our visibility and attract new quality visitors.

So, what better way to take your first steps in the world of SEO positioning, than understanding your definition better and knowing some of the concepts and basic factors of relevance that come into play in this topic:

What is SEO?

The SEO (Search engine optimization) or search engine optimization, is the set of techniques that are concerned with improving the visibility and the organic positioning of a website in the search engine results lists.

This improvement in the "positions" of a web page (within the lists of organic results of the search engines), is obtained through a set of actions that the administrators of that site are responsible for implementing.

These practices or optimizations, encompass a series of techniques On-page (SEO within the same web) and Off-page (SEO outside the web), such as:

· The user experience

· Improve the loading speed.

· Take care of the structure or architecture of the site.

· The quality of external and internal links.

· Create relevant and quality content.

· The strategic choice of Keywords.

· The headers H1, H2, H3, and H4.

· The authority of the website.

· The CTR, among others.

In short, if we had to explain in a few words the previous definition of what SEO is, personally I would start with just one. And this term is basic to understand this discipline: "POSITIONING".

What is the ultimate goal of SEO positioning?

We have said that the objective of this discipline is to improve our positions in the search lists, to try to be as high as possible in the results offered by search engines to users.

But, this SEO positioning optimization of our site has a deeper and more important purpose than simply improving visibility.

And this final goal is to also increase the quality of the organic traffic we receive so that we can boost the conversions of our website.

SEO as a pillar of Online Marketing

Most people usually find it hard to see things together. Therefore, also when talking about digital marketing strategies, they believe that everything goes separately. Even, the marketing itself.

There are many who see marketing as one piece of the board, when in fact it is the whole board.

And the SEO? He is just part of a Digital Marketing plan, which usually also includes promotion in social networks, email marketing, video marketing, Adwords campaigns and other activities.

What are its benefits?

Most users tend to visit one of the top 10 suggested sites on the search results pages. Therefore, appearing in the top positions is a guarantee to direct a much larger number of visitors to a website or customers to an online store. SEO can have a better return on investment (ROI), than more traditional forms of advertising or print ads. This can be attributed to the fact that it attracts people when they are already looking for the products and services offered by a company.


Taking into account that most of us use Google to find content that answers our questions, SEO is a fundamental piece of any digital strategy that we implement in a website.

Without it, our pages will be almost invisible and, therefore, non-existent in the eyes of your potential clients or readers.

Therefore, I recommend you to continue training in everything related to SEO and continue learning to optimize your site to make it more visible and accessible to users and, in this way, improve their positioning.

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