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MY VERSION 2.0 And why everyone needs a reboot.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Starting the day late, waking up when my eyes open, eat what I feel like, spend hours binging on Netflix and not care about rules, roles and responsibilities. Now I know what you are thinking. This seems to be a recipe for disaster...But it was, it was a version of my life when the life of fantasy preceded my reality, where coherence and alignment with the comfort zone that

engulfed my existence, ruled the need to stand out, where inertia and indulgence was something I looked forward to.

That was my VERSION 1.0 where most of us live in with complete abstinence from the messages that state otherwise.

And I always felt COMFORT ZONES were great. They protected me. They didn't allow me to take risks, become healthy, challenge opinions and question the hierarchy.

And recently when I audited my life, I got a shock of my life. My version 1.0 was laughing at me, it ridiculed most of the decisions I made and when I was on the verge of turning forty, asked what I had truly achieved, and asked me what my Raison D'etre (or reason for existence) was. I had a midlife crisis, or to put it bluntly an existential crisis.

The last 2 years have been to rewrite version 2.0 of my life, connect with my passions, study my IKIGAI and most importantly surrender to the Masters who have created this Version 2.0 faster quicker and better than me and live a life where their reason for existence is sorted, tabulated and chased.

A few of these mentors in order of impact were my Mindset Master (Arfeen Khan) & Marketing Masters ( Siddharth Rajsekar, Gopal Krishnan and last but not the least Deepak Kanakaraju). And while they were so similar, yet they were so unique but the one classic trait they had were their relentless pursuit of striving for their student's results. For so many years I was driven by money and never had a lot of it. I now wanted to be driven by purpose and see how this version takes me.

But without a vision, a checklist, a little black book that had my Reason for existence written, all this would be Blunt Motivation. And motivation can only rev up your engine, Transformation will let the car reach its destination. The best way to tabulate this transformation is to write it in 3rd person as a person speaks about you. And I now read this every day. The article goes like this

The SEARCH OF HIS IDENTITY has now ended

We take pride in introducing the influencer of the year, Rishabh Marathe who has been instrumental in transforming a 100k lives by helping them Position, BUILD THEIR BRAND and win better at life.

Troubled by an identity crisis in his early 20s and having an existential crisis in his 30s, he was destined to live a life which was ordinary.

But somewhere this identity crisis hit him hard and he wanted to transform himself, to be able to transform lives around him. Have a purpose in life beyond just earning money and have his BRAND create ripples in the online entrepreneurship space.

We are now in 2023 and let's have a look at what he has achieved in the last year

  1. He has 100k Students who are now creating successful businesses and living a life of freedom and have transformed themselves

  2. He has clocked 5 Million Dollars in his personal net worth, starting from scratch and a position of self-doubt

  3. He has now created an online school that teaches brand strategy to students and they now have a great career and now also have their social medial and brand strategy agencies

  4. He now has created security for his family and lives a life of purpose

  5. He is now donating 10% of his wealth towards the betterment of education facilities and equal opportunities for the differently-abled

  6. He is an accomplished author of 5 books, 2 of them Amazon Bestsellers

All this has happened because he felt a version 2.0 of his true identity FORCING itself out and he could pursue his journey towards the search of his true IDENTITY.

You all deserve this success story, to come out of this trap of conformity and let your identity dominate your reality.

Your IDENTITY is your reality. Whatever you do to position yourself, determines your BRAND!!!

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