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Why Personal Branding with a purpose is desperately needed?

Personal Branding today has become very trendy. The rise of influencers like Kylie Minogue in the Billionaire club has given hopes to every millennial and Gen Z, that its easy to become a personal branding influencer or expert by simply posting pictures of cool stuff like clothes, accessories or standing next to a Lamborghini will make them instantly famous. But the biggest factor that differentiates the personal brands that depict longevity and acclaim to those who fade out into oblivion as fast as they grow, is whether you have a strong "why" for recommending something.

That is your Purpose to Influence

So why is a purpose needed to succeed in the clutter as a personal brand?

1. Do you stand for or against something

The biggest question of your reason for existence or Raison D'etre is that why do you want to do or say the things. Do you stand for something? If you take Oprah Winfrey for example, she stands for transformation, that is her reason for existence. Another example is Garyvee, who stands to help people with the power of digital marketing for those who want to build something of their own. There is a famous quote for this written by Mel Thompson "If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing"

2. How are you qualified to preach?

Your life's struggles or how you have helped people determine whether you are qualified to preach for your target audience. if you haven't walked the walk, you shouldn't talk the talk

3. Can you do it relentlessly and consistently?

The critical thing separating the thinkers from the doers is whether you can do things relentlessly and consistently. Whether you are strong enough to do things that are out of your comfort zone to spread your message. How passionate you are, determines how your audience perceive your message.

4. Are you willing to go deep?

Robin Sharma has this famous comparison of people who are stuck in the "Cult of superficiality" and why no one digs deeper into the pool of granularity. The thing that separates the thought leaders from the preachers is the depth of your knowledge. Bruce Lee famously quoted, I fear not the man who has practised 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man that has practised 1 kick, 10000 times

These are a few things that separate the wheat from the chaff, In my book "Brandify You" I speak about the skillsets and mindset needed to become a strong personal brand. My motto in life is "You are the CEO of brand YOU and whatever you do to position yourself becomes your reality"

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